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About Mike and Mike’s Organics

When Mike Fronte and Mike Dattoli noticed a lack of prepared organic snacks on the market, they were inspired to create their own solution to the problem. In 2008 the duo founded Organic Select, their original brand, producing a selection of body-loving snacks — nutrient-packed finds such as nuts, seeds and dried fruit, and a batch of fresh produce like citrus and avocados, ginger and garlic.

In 2014, Organic Select was retired and Mike and Mike’s Organics, the next chapter in Fronte and Dattoli’s goal of making the world a little more wholesome, blossomed to life. Though the company has experienced phenomenal growth, the creators behind the brand are still dedicated to the fresh and good-natured idea that started it all: offering quick, healthy choices that are as easy on the taste buds as they are on time.

The mission of Mike and Mike’s Organics is to provide a healthy alternative to snacking. A diverse and vast array of healthy, organic goods will provide customers with the ideal snack; and because all of our products offer a variety of good-for-you benefits, these snacks are sure to make a positive impact on the body that will carry on through the day. Whether you’re a bustling businessperson or simply a couch potato, turn to Organic Select to discover nutrient-dense healthy snacks that will give your body a natural, much-needed boost.