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Healthy Living

It’s not just about eating organically — it’s about living organically. When you learn to love your body by feeding it the wholesome foods it asks for, treating it to a daily dose of exercise and banishing body insecurity, your body will love you back tenfold.

Savour the foods you love
You’re allowed to indulge in your favourite treats from time to time! As long as you remember to balance your sweets with a healthy diet and daily exercise, indulgences can actually be good for you in the long-run.
Pace yourself
We all know that exercise is a vital component in healthy living. To many people, this means sticking to either cardio- or strength-centred workouts. But did you know that it’s a balance of both these types of exercise that is most effective in giving you the healthy boost you’re looking for?

Bring your body back to nature
Human beings weren’t intended to eat things out of wrappers. Processed and chemically treated products can cause serious damage to our bodies, but because of the slow impact these ingredients have on us, we often don’t notice that they are to blame for our chronic fatigue, sluggishness or other even more serious ailments.

By choosing to stock your cupboard with fresh, organic products, your body will undergo the natural detoxification you probably didn’t even know it needed, bringing you back to a more energized, refreshed state. Restore your body’s inner and outer strength by feeding it the untouched, naturally delicious produce it loves.

Find the exercise that works for you
No two bodies are exactly the same — and our workouts shouldn’t be, either. Running a 10k isn’t for everyone; neither is salsa dancing, yoga or weight lifting. By listening to your body’s needs and understanding the way it functions, you can decipher the type of workout that works best for you to gain maximum results!

Embrace your snack attacks
There is such a thing as a healthy snack. And as the human body actually prefers six smaller meals each day rather than three large ones, it’s a good idea to feed it a few healthy snacks throughout the day. Bring a bag of carrot sticks and some hummus to work, or pack a pouch of organic trail mix to get you through your next class. By snacking when your body calls for it, you’ll prevent yourself from getting hungry to the point where you binge on any food the first chance you get.

Get inspired
Creating a motivation board is a great way to stay inspired on the road to healthy living. Grab some of your favourite quotes and pictures that really push you to live healthy. Whether it’s a picture of you when you were younger — back in your pre-beer-belly days — or a tear-out of that bikini you have your eye on, you’ll find it easier to stay on track when you have visuals of your goal.

Buddy up
Healthy living comes so much easier when the people around you are striving for it, too. Go running with your partner or a friend; start a healthy-eating program together. When a loved one is relying on you to keep them accountable, doing the same for yourself will come naturally!

Get creative
Start your own healthy-living cookbook. There are loads of delicious recipes that call for nutritious, organic ingredients. Make a project out of healthy eating by logging your recipes, discovering unique and tasty ideas, even creating your own delicious concoctions — and sharing them with your loved ones, of course. Ready to start now? Click here for some healthy, organic recipe ideas!