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The Difference

At Mike and Mike’s Organics, we are passionate about nutrition you can delight in. We offer our customers the most enjoyable organic experience not only by picking the finest, most lush products we can find, but by packing our items by hand and keeping very low inventories to ensure freshness. Mike and Mike’s Organics brings organic snacking to a whole new level with our colourful variety of organic nuts, seeds and dried and fresh fruits — a rich collection that can’t be found anywhere else.

Many ask, “What’s the difference between organic and regular foods?” The answer is simple: Non-organic foods can potentially be packed with harmful chemicals that can damage your body; organic foods are not. Naturally delicious and untouched by artificial enhancers, organic foods provide the fresh nutrition that our bodies were meant to experience. Organic foods not only offer benefit to the consumer, but also benefit the environment.

By choosing Mike and Mike’s Organics, you will give your body the wholesome pampering it requires from daily nutrient intake, while treating your taste buds to the naturally delectable taste of our organic produce!